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Essential material for a sanitary technician

November 15, 2019


When opening a perfectly equipped and prepared ambulance, you should bring:

  • Bottles of medicinal oxygen.
  • Collarines, splints and vacuum mattresses, all material used to immobilize the patient when he or she has a fracture.
  • Serum and healing material: strips, gauze, bandages, ointments , disinfectants ...
  • Spinal board and scoop stretcher: When the patient presents trauma to the spine, these types of stretchers are the best option to not aggravate the lesion.
  • Various attack backpacks: first intervention material so that the personal can take them with them to care for the victims. It contains tools, such as bags, tubes, laryngoscope and masks.
  • Materials for cures such as gauze or bandages, and catheters to introduce any necessary medication through the vein.
  • Chemical heat and cold bags, very useful for sprains.
  • Portable tensiometer and pulse oximeter, which record blood pressure and Blood oxygen concentration.
  • Respirator: When a patient has breathing problems, we can supply this function through a tube in the trachea and insufflating air manually or we can connect it to the automatic respirator, which will do this task for us.
  • Defibrillator Oxygen and vacuum  
  • Cleaner and bladder, nasogastric probes, catheters, scalpels, needles and silks for suturing, in case you have to perform any type of emergency surgery.
In addition to these materials, we strongly recommend having an Evac + chair Chair in each ambulance, as it is an assistance material for the technician s Yearbook for the descent down the stairs. These chairs have a pulley and braking system, controlled at all times by the operator, allowing him to descend the stairs in a controlled manner and without having to carry weight.

To see the models of chairs: CLICK HERE